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Bhumi Organic Cotton - Broadsheet Review


May 20, 2015 | Wearing The Change | Vinita Baravkar was working in international public health when she travelled to agricultural regions in India and Bangladesh. What she saw triggered a turning point in her career. Read more


September 10, 2015 | Ausmumpreneur Awards | And the 2015 St. George Banking Group AusMumpreneur Awards winners are ..Read more


November 4, 2015 | Ausmumpreneur Magazine (P.26) | What inspired you to start your business? ... Read more


June 25, 2015 | Sustainable Fashion | Seeking out organic cotton clothing, underwear and linen can often mean compromising price and design, but Bhumi proves it’s not an either-or choice.  Read more


May 6, 2015 | How to Spoil Mum This Mother's Day | A minute to relax – that’s probably at the top of your mum’s wish list. A lovely, luxurious robe will help her feel pampered at home. The organic cotton fabric is heavenly. Read more


December 8, 2014 | Bhumi Organic Cotton | One of the simplest pleasures in life is crawling into a warm bed with clean, crisp sheets on it. For some reason, there is something incredibly satisfying about it, right?. Read more



Good On You
May 5, 2017 | Bhumi Delivers Australia's First Fairtrade Yoga And Activewear Range | Bhumi is proving that it’s possible to make high-performance activewear in a sustainable and ethical way with their new Soul Space range. Read more 


April 8, 2015 | Organic Cotton Basics With Bhumi | Think of the last few cotton items that you bought recently. They could be clothing, home wares, or a gift for a friend. Now, ask yourself, how much do you really know about that fabric? Read more 



Guide to Organics
October 21, 2015 | Guide to Organic Cotton | Consumers ultimately want to do the most good and cause the least amount of harm to our bodies, each other and our planet. Read more



Herald Sun
May 11, 2017 Issue | Bhumi Cottons On to Ethics | "I was in India and I could see first hand the disastrous health and environmental impacts of traditional cotton growing - with farmer suicides, child labour, pesticide poisoning, birth defects, harmful dyes and toxic waterways" - Vinita (Founder)  Read more



Inspire Talk
March 21, 2017 | Vinita Baravkar Inspire Talk | Disruptor Series. Listen to the Podcast


Mademoiselle Organic

February 5, 2017 | Why Choosing Certified Organic Cotton Is Good For Your Skin | Your beautiful skin is the largest and most absorbent organ of your body. It is the first contact with the world around you and it is in a constant exchange with your environment. Your skin breathes. Read more


May 11, 2015 | Find Your Inner Sheet | Discover which organic cotton type best suits your sleep personality. Sleeping is both an art and a science. In fact, the latter has shown that sleep heals, repairs and detoxifies your body, as well as helping to build energy for the body and mind. Read more


April 28, 2015 | Cotton On To Your Eco Footprint | How conventional cotton is destroying life on so many levels and understanding the importance of becoming a conscious consumer. Read more
The Mumpreneur Show
November 5, 2015 | Vinita On The Mumpreneur Show | Vinita from Bhumi talks about certified organic cotton and her passion for fair-trade. Listen to the Podcast


August 12, 2014 | What I Didn't Know About Conventional Cotton | How conventional cotton is destroying life on so many levels and understanding the importance of becoming a conscious consumer. Read more


Organic Avenue
November 12, 2015 | Opinions On The Organic Process | What do you think are some of the things we can all do to help foster more supportive communities? Read more


Open Colleges
October 12, 2014 | The 5 Sustainable Fashion Labels You Need To Know Bhumi stands for what we stand on. Read more



October 14, 2014 | Products We Love | Bhumi aims to honour this connection by nurturing our fragile environment, restoring a balance in humanity and providing compassion to the earth with our certified organic cotton products and fair trade practices Read more


July 1, 2015 | Organic Melbourne | Ethical Organic cotton products which include, clothing for men, women & children; bedding; towels & robes, and lots more.  Read more 


Summer 2015 Issue 28 of Peppermint Magazine | Behind the Seams | Field of Dreams: Bhumi  Read more


July 16, 2015 | Experience the Change | Who doesn’t love a brand that is stylish, ethical and environmentally friendly? I am a firm believer that being ‘green’ and living and eco-friendly life does not mean you must spend the rest your days in a burlap sack consuming nothing more than food. Read more 


SBS News
February 10, 2017 | The 'tiny house' movement |  Vinita, who provided & approved the linen, has witnessed first-hand the impact the sweat-shop textile industry has on exploited workers in India and Bangladesh Watch video


September 23, 2015 | Bhumi: Vinita Baravkar | While she may have once dreamed of travelling the globe as a photographer for National Geographic, Vinita Baravkar is instead making deep and meaningful change to the world around us with her respectful and sustainable brand. Read more


Slow Magazine
Spring 2015 Issue of Slow Magazine | Slow Your Wardrobe | Ethical and eco-friendly choices for a healthy spring clean of your wardrobe


April 29, 2015 | Trending: Low Carb Fashion | Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, after oil and agriculture. Scary, right? But some fashion labels are turning this fact around Read more


May 22, 2017 | Brought To You By Bhumi | We tried a bunch of yoga brands - this by far was the comfiest. Read more 

February 2, 2015 | Interview: Founder of Organic Cotton Label Bhumi | Many of us strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercising and eating well is high up on on list. But how many think beyond these pursuits? Read more


Silicon Valley Globe
March 22, 2017 | Tapping The Minds Of 5 Disruptors | It’s very insightful to meet serial disruptors in the industry, and learn from their philosophies to life and genius mindset when it comes to innovation, pioneering new trends, and ultimately making the most of a commercial opportunity at hand. Read more


April 23, 2015 | Bhumi Organic Cotton - Prahran | Vinita Baravkar used to be an international health worker and was horrified by her experiences in the cotton farming belt in Bangladesh, where deaths are frequently linked to pesticide poisoning. Read more


May 28, 2013 | Why Choosing Organic Is A Game Changer | One Saturday afternoon, a couple of weeks ago, I walked into Bhumi Organic in South Yarra (Melbourne) looking for a mother’s day present and ended up spending over half an hour talking with owner Read more


Town and Country Farmer
January/February 2016 Issue | Certified Organic Feature - Vinita, Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton | Time to think broader about your way of life


June 26, 2015 | Why Choose Certified Organic Cotton | The United Nations and World Health Organisation estimate that up to 77 million non-organic cotton workers suffer poisoning from pesticides each year Read more


July 16, 2015 | The Healing Power of Sleep | Sleeping is both an art and a science and sleep is nature’s most powerful healer. The right quality and duration of sleep ensures that your body systems undergo daily maintenance Read more 

August 19, 2015 | Finding Inspiration in the Morning | What you do, think and feel in the morning sets the tone for your entire day, so it’s very important to get started on the right foot with the right frame of mind. Read more



May 9, 2016 | Meet Local Love - Vinita | Meet the kind and earthly Vinita Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton, a certified organic cotton retailer located in Melbourne Read more 


June 5, 2015 | Interview With Founder Of Bhumi Organic Cotton | Vinita has been fortunate to travel to many exciting destinations on the planet and experience the beauty of nature and cultures of the world. With a background in Health and a Masters in International Public Health Read more


August 6, 2015 | Cosy up in Bhumi Certified Organic Cotton | Make shopping a guilt-free process with Bhumi’s sustainable range of bedding, clothing and lifestyle products. Read more