Organic Cotton Bath Mats And Towels & Turkish Hand Towels

The modern world is a minefield for those that suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. So many chemicals, toxins and harmful substances are used in the production of everything from the towels we dry our bodies with to the linen we dress our beds with. However, here at Bhumi, we understand just how frustrating it can be to wash off the grime and dirt and dust, and even the fabrics from non-organic clothes, only to dry yourself with a towel that is set to exacerbate the problem. Read More

Fortunately, we have everything from organic cotton hand towels to bath towels to mats in our online store, all of which is set to transform your life and help you go about your day free from irritation. Those that need a little more TLC in their lives will also be pleased to find that while our products are very high-quality, they are a much more durable and long-lasting option when compared to traditional cotton textiles.


Investing in Your Future

An investment in organic cotton products is set to serve you for a long time and give you many days of enjoyment as long as they are appropriately cared for. To this end, we recommend that when the time comes to wash your organic cotton towels you do so at a low temperature and if possible use eco-friendly detergents. This will prevent the possibility of your wonderful bath products from losing their luxurious feel much too soon, and it will also prevent you from contaminating them with chemicals and toxins that will only irritate your skin.

Here at Bhumi, we are committed to bringing a better standard to the bathroom, one that enables our customers to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their bath sheet towels have been produced to the highest standards and have been certified as such. Fair Trade Australia and the Global Organic Textiles Standards certify all of our products, so when you buy from us you are supporting the farmers and workers all along our supply chain, ensuring that their rights are upheld and that no harmful processes went into the production of your products.

While it is quite common to see plenty of high street retailers advertising their products as being 100% organic cotton, unless they bear the appropriate certifications then you cannot be certain that this is, in fact, the case.


Luxury Is Just A Click Away

At Bhumi, we want our customers to be able to experience the comfort, style and luxury of our entire bathroom range without having to break the bank. As such, we have taken control of our entire supply chain to ensure that we can sell our goods to you at extremely competitive prices. In addition to this, regardless of whether you are buying bath mats and towels or Turkish cotton towels free shipping and returns apply no matter where you are in Australia.

Over 4,000 verified customers have endorsed our products with wonderful reviews and so we hope that you, too, will join the ranks of those that are already experiencing the benefits that organic cotton products can bring to your home.

Here at Bhumi, our friendly customer service team is ready and waiting to assist you at any point, so feel free to get in touch. So, with that in mind, happy shopping and we look forward to bringing a little more luxury to your home.

At Bhumi, we love providing Aussies with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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