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Our Purpose

We are paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by choosing fairtrade organic cotton for all of our products, creating a positive impact on the people and the planet.

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Every Bhumi purchase has a positive environmental & social impact

The numbers below show the impact of choosing certified organic cotton over conventional (non-organic) cotton since 2015. Learn more.

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“There is nothing more comfortable than super soft organic cotton.”


"Seeking out organic cotton clothing, underwear and linen can often mean compromising price and design, but Bhumi proves it’s not an either-or choice."

— Broadsheet

“Bhumi cottons on to ethics”

— Herald Sun

“There is nothing more comfortable than super soft organic cotton. Our organic cotton tights are to live in and the stretch spandex jersey…”

— Peppermint


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“In Love!!” on Soft Knit Throw
"My gorgeous cosy Bhumi cable knit throw is absolute heaven! I love cuddling up with it to read my book and drink a cup of herbal tea at night. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that I know is safe and free from all chemicals!! Organic is best."

- Georgie W (Verified Buyer)

“Sateen Sheets” on Fitted - Sateen Sheet
"I already have sateen sheets for my bed and I wanted to get more for my children who have sensitive skin. These sheets are so soft and gentle to touch and there were no nasty smells on them when they arrived. I can’t wait to get pillow cases and other bedding soon."

- Natalie H (Verified Buyer)

'Love Bhumi' on Jersey Quilt Cover
"So soft and I love knowing it is good for the environment! Love Bhumi products!!"

- Grace D (Verified Buyer)

"Perfect for Baby" on Bath Towel
"I purchased the face washer & towel. It’s soft and not harsh on baby skin. Thinking of getting a towel for myself now! Highly recommend."

- Jocelyn R (Verified Buyer)

Choice is a wonderful thing and a luxury that many of us take for granted. We are all very conscious of just how big an impact industry over the past century has had on our environment, and the vast majority of us wish we could do something about it. The good news is that you can, even in the day-to-day shopping choices that you make. Read More

Organic Cotton Clothing, Bedding & Bath in Australia

Here at Bhumi, we produce and supply organic cotton clothing to Australia’s ethically minded consumers, and to those that appreciate divine comfort. We believe that giving people the choice to make a very real difference without having to accept goods that are inferior to what they have become used to is important, and is the path toward making a very real change that benefits not only the environment but everybody all along the process.

Ethics are so important to the team here at Bhumi. The world already has enough textiles that are manufactured at the expense of less privileged workforces that are exploited for their labour. Our goal is to take charge of the production of all of our organic clothing to ensure that it sets the standard in terms of the means by which it is produced and shows that great comfort and value can be had by encouraging and engaging in sustainable, ethical practices.

Benefits of Organic Clothing 

At Bhumi, we are huge advocates of all things organic because there are so many advantages attached to organic clothing from a consumer point of view.

Organic cotton comes from agricultural endeavours that are much more environmentally friendly because there is a reduced amount of carbon required as a result of the reduction in fuel and energy consumed. What’s more, given that the entire process is chemical free you don’t have to worry about toxic pesticides or dyes coming in contact with your skin when you use our organic bedding or clothing.

The fact that toxic chemicals and fertilisers are kept out of the organic cotton production and farming process means that the production costs are much lower. At Bhumi, we actively engage in crop rotation to conserve the soil and never use genetically modified seeds. Natural seeds are much cheaper to source and don’t require chemicals to ensure that they are resistant to pests and diseases.

The fact that our products are certified by Fairtrade Australia and Global Organic Textiles Standard means that our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that rigid safety standards were adhered to in the manufacture of the organic cotton clothing and bedding products that we stock. Employing higher ethical standards ensures that sustainable farming practices are developed that contribute to local economies and enable workers and their families a standard of living that will benefit future generations in the long run.

Shop Organic Cotton Clothing With Peace of Mind

At Bhumi, you will find a wide range of bedding and apparel products that will feel extremely soft and luxurious and will offer you the chance to choose alternatives to damaging production methods at prices that are more than competitive and that do not compromise on quality.

The best part is that when you shop online with Bhumi free shipping and returns apply Australia-wide. In addition, you can expect a speedy delivery service and a friendly customer service ready, willing and able to assist you however they can. Organic clothing is just a click away, so, shop with peace of mind here at Bhumi.

At Bhumi, we love providing Aussies with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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