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    Organic Cotton T Shirts

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    If you think about it, our skin is in contact with your clothing for almost our entire lives; given that your skin is the largest organ in your body, it’s makes sense that you would want to look after it as best you can. We have to seriously question what it is that we are putting our skin against each and every single day and if it is doing more harm to it than we actually think. Read More

    At Bhumi, we supply organic cotton t shirts as well as a wide range of other clothing apparel that are designed to provide a safer, more comfortable clothing option for all Australians. 100% organic cotton hasn’t been around for that long and as such, it means that you have probably been using textiles that cause reactions in your skin or exacerbate other allergies too.

    Organic Cotton T Shirts Have Many Benefits

    Customers that already have a wardrobe of 100% organic cotton clothing or even bedding can attest to the fact that it has a huge range of benefits. Synthetic clothing tends to bring out reactions in both the skin and in other allergies and can really get ‘under your skin’ so to speak.

    One of the biggest benefits of buying organic cotton t-shirts and other clothing items is that they are free from chemicals. The chemically free process used in the farming of the cotton ensure that there is no lingering chemicals in the fibre and as such makes them hypoallergenic. Using synthetic clothing materials also comes with the concern that it could cause itching or other reactions, but we have absolutely no worries when it comes to our organic cotton clothing and how your skin will react.

    A common misconception about natural clothing materials such as cotton is that the natural fibres will make them uncomfortable to wear, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Organic cotton clothing is normally much softer than most synthetic materials, and you can rest assured that when you buy clothing from Bhumi, you are getting nothing but the highest-quality clothing that offers exceptional comfort.

    Organic cotton clothing is also more durable than your run of the mill clothing and after many washes will still have a lot of years in it. When the time does come where you have to dispose of your much-loved clothing however, we can offer you the guarantee that our organic cotton is biodegradable and won’t be added to a landfill to further damage the environment.

    Ethical Clothing with Exceptional Comfort

    At Bhumi, our core focus is producing high-quality clothing that has a minimal impact on the environment. All of our clothing and other products are certified by Fair Trade Australia and when you buy from us, you are ensuring that sustainable farming practices are becoming a more realistic source of income for people all over the world.

    If you care about our planet and ensuring we treat it better for future generations, then Bhumi really is the right place for you to buy your organic cotton clothing. We really appreciate you taking the time to find sustainable, eco friendly materials and we look forward to delivering our beautiful products, free of charge to your home.

    At Bhumi, we love providing Aussies with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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