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    Organic Cotton Bras

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    Bras, the much loved and much-hated piece of garment in every woman’s cupboard. It’s true that we love to hate them - they keep us looking perky and firm but at the same time can be constricting and uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, what’s better than getting home from a long day of work to take of your bra and walk around with the utmost freedom? Not much in our books. Bras are simply a necessity for many women however, and as such we want to ensure that our customers are all as comfortable as can be. Read More

    There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a new bra: Should you go padded or unpadded? Underwire or no underwire? Lingerie looking or built for comfort? What is your cup size and your back size? All these things can make buying a new bra quite a process, but one that is completely worth it; there is nothing worse than a bra that’s the wrong size, that itches or the underwire keeps popping out of.

    At Bhumi, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s top organic cotton suppliers and we offer our customers peace of mind knowing that while our apparel is organic - it definitely doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. Our clients are incredibly valued and we want you to know that when you buy organic cotton bras or any other type of product that you are getting a product that has no chemical, harmful dyes or pesticides that may have an adverse reaction with your skin. The skin that comes into contact with bras is particularly soft and sensitive and we want to ensure that you get the same out of our wonderful materials.

    What’s the Fuss About Organic Materials?

    Many people mistakenly presume that when they buy any kind of natural fibre that they are getting something that is environmentally friendly and good for the skin. However, clothing and other products like bedding that are made from materials like traditional cotton are definitely not many of these things. Cotton that is not organic has an unusually high amount of pesticides and chemical used in the growth and production of the material, of which a substantial amount sticks to the fibres and makes its way into your underwear cabinet. As you can imagine, having chemical on your sensitive parts is far from being a good, healthy idea.

    All of our products at Bhumi have been certified by fair trade Australia and our customers can purchase products from us knowing that we are doing good things with regards to social and environmental impact that will further our fight for a sustainable future.

    Sustainable Production for a Better Future

    At Bhumi, our core element is delivering high-quality garments to Australians that have been sustainably grown and manufactured. However, we also care deeply about the farmers and workers that are on the production side of things and ensure that every organisation that we source our cotton from is ethical and benefits the families involved in the process.

    At Bhumi, we love delivering the very best organic cotton products to local Australians, which aren’t just environmentally friendly but stylish and comfortable too. We look forward to your getting in touch to buy our sustainable products or simply to learn more about our fair trade manufactured organic cotton range that supports the environment.

    At Bhumi, we love providing Aussies with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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