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    Cotton Mattress Protector

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    A Cotton Mattress Protector with Contribution to the Planet & A Luxury For Your Home

    Take note, even if the shop you buy from claims that their products are made with organic cotton unless they bear Fairtrade and GOTS certifications then you never really know for sure whether you are buying a product that will have an adverse effect on you or your loved ones. Read More

    Purchase A Cotton Mattress Protector From Bhumi

    Thinking about buying a cotton mattress protector but are not sure if this is right for you? Mattress protectors made from cotton are an absolute essential item for any homeowner and something that you will definitely want to invest in. There are lots of great benefits that come with using mattress protectors, and here we are discussing just a few of these so you can see why they’re a must.

    The Benefits Of A Mattress Protector Made from Organic Cotton

    When you live in a hot climate, cotton mattress protectors are an essential item. Below, you can read more about why this is and the benefits of using cotton as the protector material, other than just prolonging the life of your mattress. This will display why you should think about investing in a mattress protector and, in particular, one that is made from cotton.

    • It Keeps You Cool - One of the biggest benefits of cotton is that it is a breathable material. This means that your mattress, and your pillows too, will be protected from any of your body’s moisture when you sleep.
    • Good For Allergies - Are you prone to suffering from allergies? Then cotton protectors are the best choice for you. They can massively limit your exposure to any minuscule dust mites and bacteria which can build-up in mattresses and trigger allergies.
    • Easy To Wash - The last thing most people want is bed covers that require extra attention and care to wash. Our lives are just too busy for that! This makes cotton an incredibly popular material as you will be able to wash the items normally in your washing machine with your preferred detergent and all bacteria and any dust mites will be washed away.
    • Residue Free - When you buy organic cotton items, you have the peace of mind knowing that they are residue free. In the mattress protector, you will not find any carcinogenic, toxic or allergenic chemical residues that have the potential to cause serious allergic reactions just on contact.

    Mattress protectors are a fantastic item as they will prolong the life of your mattress and are the most effective way to help keep you cool, especially during those very warm summer months. They are skin-friendly, absorbent, can be easily washed and are at a very affordable price. There really is not much more than you could want from your mattress protector, so why not invest in one today? We’re sure that you won’t regret your decision.

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    At Bhumi, we love providing Aussies with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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