Founder Favs

The Favourites, Must Haves ... for different moods and days ... published once a week from the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton!

Founder Favs #1 - Men's Winter Must Have

Shoes from Vegan Style

Stripe Socks from Bhumi Organic Cotton

Muesli Bar from Gramercy Bistro, Prahran

Fleece "Tube" Scarf from Bhumi Organic Cotton

Undershirt from Bhumi Organic Cotton

Living Elixir from Red Dragon Organics

V Neck Knitted Sweater from Bhumi Organic Cotton


Founder Favs #2 - Bath Essentials

Toothpaste from Grants

Toothbrush from Naturborsten

Bath Body Oil from DNA Elements

Turkish Khadi Bath Towel from Bhumi Organic Cotton

Terry Robe from Bhumi Organic Cotton