Do You Know What Is Touching Your Skin?

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ on our body?

But we bombard it with chemically-laden products more often than not unknowingly.


Let's uncover the facts of 3 main products that stay close to our skin every single day and what we may not know that could be harming our health and wellbeing.

1. Our Underwear

Our underwear is the closest thing to our skin all day and night long, and it is touching the most sensitive part of our body.


Our underwear absorbs our sweat, absorbs the toxins released from our body and absorbs the chemical dyes in our underwear into the skin and bloodstream.

Our underwear can be a trap and cause serious health issues.


Certified organic cotton underwear prevents yeast and bacteria growth as it breathes and lets air flow through.

As well as this, certified organic cotton does not use any toxic dyes, pesticides or chemicals that are hazardous to our health and that of the Earth.

2. Our Sheets

Unlike the foods that we eat and the beauty products we put on our bodies, we probably do not analyze the health factors of one of the most intimate spaces in our homes - our beds.

Our beds should be a safe haven for our body, mind and soul.


We spend more time wrapped in our sheets than with the clothes we wear.


During the journey of conventional cotton into a fabric, numerous toxic chemicals are added at each stage of growing, processing, dyeing and handling.


These are:

  • pesticides
  • fertilizers
  • silicone waxes
  • harsh petroleum scours
  • softeners
  • heavy metals
  • flame and soil retardants
  • fasteners
  • ammonia
  • dyes
  • colourants


To name just a few...


And it is these toxic substances that make their way into our bodies, our bloodstream and lymphatic systems while we sleep.


We breathe in the toxic cocktail into our skin and bloodstream when we sleep forcing our immune systems to fight an uphill battle.

3. Our Towels

Did you know after a warm shower our pores are open and our skin will absorb chemicals very quickly - it takes less than 6 seconds for our bodies to absorb the toxic load of our chemicals.


Fabric softeners, chemical finishers or synthetic blends make towels feel softer but they are a toxic cocktail for our body and health.


GOTS Certified Organic Cotton use no toxic dyes or chemicals to harm the body.


We have created our beautiful Fairtrade bath range of bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and bath mats for your comfort with fast-drying action as well as being non-toxic and incredibly soft against your skin.

So, what next?

At Bhumi, we believe that letting our body touch these toxic chemicals shouldn’t be the norm.


You see, we spend 8 hours wrapped in our bed sheets touching theses toxic substances. This kind of contact level with these hazardous chemicals have been proven make their way into our body.


We shouldn’t let these commercial bed sheets be a hazard to our health.


That’s why we created these 100% organic cotton bed sheets.

Use our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified bed sheets to protect your skin from nasty chemicals.


  • No genetically modified seeds
  • No toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes
  • Plus our production is 100% free from unethical child labour


Protect your body from being exposed to harmful chemicals and most importantly...providing you a deep quality sleep.

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