Organic Cotton Blankets

Discover our luxuriously soft, cosy, GOTS certified organic cotton blankets for the perfect layering addition to any bedroom.



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    Organic Cotton Blankets

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    Discover our luxuriously soft, cosy, GOTS certified organic cotton blankets for the perfect layering addition to any bedroom.

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    Soft & Snuggly

    Shop Organic Cotton Bedding

    Our signature organic cotton blanket range provides versatile cosy comfort. Warm, soft and lightweight our 100% organic cotton blankets and throws come in a variety of earthy colour tones making them a gorgeous addition to your bedroom. Read More

    Organic Cotton Blankets – Warm Your Soul with Fairtrade Cotton from Bhumi

    Bhumi means ‘Mother Earth’ and our ethos is to work closely with cotton farmers to ensure that not only are our products luxurious, they are also sustainable and protect all the people involved in the process of growing, harvesting and preparing the cotton products we sell.

    Our founders, Vinita and Dushyant, use their backgrounds and passions to create a range of organic, Fairtrade cotton products. Vinita spent a lot of time in cotton producing regions and has seen firsthand the birth defects from improper chemical pesticide use, farmer suicides, child exploitation and toxic waterways – so wanted to create a network of farmers that could create sustainable, organic cotton farms without the misery. Dushyant has a background in finance and wholeheartedly believes that business should be about more than just creating a profit.

    Bhumi are committed to providing pure, organic products that are chemical free and luxuriously soft. We want our organic cotton products to be good for the Earth as well as for farmers, workers and our customers.

    Why is Fairtrade Cotton so Important?

    Cotton is the most widespread profitable non-food crop in the world, with cotton plantations covering 2.3% of the world’s arable land.

    Typically, cotton production is highly reliant on the work of smallholder farmers in developing countries – like China and India – where there are both environmental and socio-economic problems for the farmers and those who are involved in the whole supply chain.

    Cotton production involves high water consumption. In some developing countries, this means that rivers are being diverted, and a drought can be disastrous for the farmers, who rely on their crop for their income.

    Cotton attracts pests, and dangerous pesticides are used to protect the crop – this leads to illness, injury and even death for the farmers who are using these products without adequate safety procedures. With this over-reliance of pesticides, the soil becomes degraded – and with no crop rotation to maintain the integrity of the fields, cotton yields get lower and lower, cutting down profits and eating into incomes.

    Economically, cotton farming is labour intensive, with many potential problems that affect the cotton yield – such as illness and injury, weather, and the quality of the soil. This goes hand in hand with the exploitation of child labour – either through seasonal harvest work or even forced/trafficked labour.

    Fairtrade means just that.

    By creating co-operatives that benefit from a higher buying price, sustainable farming practices are encouraged. Employees have social, labour and economic rights, such as health insurance, access to social security and a pension, a living wage, and free schooling for their children. Co-operatives that work under the Fairtrade banner can get access to funds for community projects like schools, and by learning about the benefits of crop rotation and environmentally friendly options for protecting their crops from pests, farmers and other cotton workers can ensure that they can consistently produce cotton that is preferred across the world.

    The Bhumi Organic Cotton Blanket

    Our luxurious quilted blanket is made from 2” x 2” squares of naturally dyed organic cotton. The range is available from baby size, right up to King size. All our blankets are available in colours that take their cue from Mother Nature – all-natural hues to complement your living space.

    The gentle, stylish design of our quilted organic cotton blanket is soft and luxurious and brings cosiness to your world – whatever the weather! Pick your size and colour from our range and fall in love with organic cotton comfort.

    At Bhumi, we love providing you with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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