Top 3 Tips For Choosing Your Underwear

Top 3 Tips For Choosing Your Underwear


Underwear is a very personal matter. And for that very reason, we are very excited to now have a diverse range of underwear to suit everyone’s needs.


We are happy to have over time developed a range of Men's and Women's Underwear that is not a fad or popular for one season, but is a line created on customer needs, tastes, preferences and requests for particular styles, functionality and shapes of underwear.


Everyone is unique and has their own preferences for how an underwear feels comfortable to them - some like a high cut, some like cheeky coverage, some like full coverage, some like longer length, some like free flowing boxers. And that is the very level of depth and enquiry we urge all of our customers to ask about underwear and products that are so close on the skin - What is the product made from? Does it have anything toxic in it that could cause harm? How was it made? Will it breathe? What does it feel like? Where was it made? Who made it? Is it comfortable? What type of underwear would best suit me?


Our Top 3 Tips For Things To Consider When Choosing Your Underwear Are:

Tip Number 1: What Is It Made From?

Organic cotton underwear is breathable against the skin with no toxic chemicals or dyes to leach into your skin and bloodstream. There is a myriad of toxic synthetic blends out there that will cause more harm than you know so it is great to do some research and find out what is in the fabric you have so close to your skin all day long.


Tip Number 2: Will It Breathe Or Trap Sweat?

Organic cotton underwear breathes and lets air flow through with is perfect for preventing any yeast or bacteria growth from hot sweaty conditions. Organic cotton absorbs sweat as well as the toxins your body releases. If you are not wearing organic cotton the sweat will stay trapped to your skin along with the cocktail of chemicals leeching out of the non-organic underwear fabric onto your skin causing uncomfortable skin conditions and irritability.


Tip Number 3: Is It Comfortable?

Find out what works best for your body with where the underwear sits, how it feels, how it moves, what works best for what activities you do. Find your fit so you can stay comfortable all day knowing that you are safeguarding you by having the purest and softest organic cotton underwear on your skin.


All Bhumi underwear products are made from Fairtrade Cotton and adhere to the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and dyed using water based GOTS approved dyes, which are free from AZO dyes, toxic chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, toxic formaldehyde, toxic aromatic solvents with no toxic colour fasteners to artificially lock in the colour with chemicals. All of our products are made with love for the Earth and Her People.


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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.
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