Spring: A Time of Reinvigoration

Spring: A Time of Reinvigoration


“Despite the forecast, live like it's spring.” ― Lilly Pulitzer


As dawn begins to greet us earlier in the morning, the air becomes warmer, the days get longer, and smiles linger on people’s faces as the sunshine beams down. We rise each day, perhaps feeling lighter, more invigorated and ready to shed the coat of Winter.


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The space we inhabit can play a huge role in our mood. To help re-invigorate you in body and mind, it is always helpful to reevaluate the spaces in which you spend the most time - this includes your bedroom. It is a space of rest, of dreams, of breathing, being, rejuvenating.


Now is a perfect time to create some freshness in your sanctuary, and colour is one way to significantly alter our environment. Spring days are bursting with beautiful colours - of fresh fruits, blossoms, and new life springing forth. We love balancing this with neutrals and our new, contemplative hues for the bedroom - evening blues, silvery greys and soft whites inspired by the ocean waves and the mountain air. It’s the quiet spaciousness of nature, brought into your home.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Sheets Collection

Featured - Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets Collection.


Slip in between the cool soft sheets with a soothing tea and your favourite book; perhaps light a candle or infuse the air with music. After all, it’s a your space; a your chance to retreat from a busy day, from giving and doing. It’s a time to nurture your own soul.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Sheets Collection

Featured - Organic Cotton Sateen Pleated Quilt Cover.


We hope you love resting in our new organic cotton bedding! For easy ideas on how to care for your organic cotton bedding, visit our Top 5 Tips here.


About the Author: Lucy Lawes is an advocate for mindful living.

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