How To Care For Your Organic Linen Bedding

Posted on October 15 2019

How To Care For Your Organic Linen Bedding

Our Wash and Drying Tips For Your Linen

Our beautiful organic linen is made from the raw fibres of the flax plant; an incredibly versatile plant that has been cultivated and used as a textile for over thousands of years. Along with it being a fabric that breathes well with good air flow, linen as a fabric absorbs moisture quickly and releases it quickly too as it is a super fast drying textile. There is a misconception that linen needs to be dry cleaned and have the hot iron over it - quite the contrary.


It is a simple natural fabric that requires simple care too - our key take away tips: use less soap, reduce the drying time, and let gravity iron for you.


The Wash

We recommend to wash with a natural, biodegradable laundry soap that does not harm the environment or wildlife. We do not recommend any chlorine bleaches and if a softener is to be used although not necessary, look for a non silicone based softener. The aim is to reduce the chemical impact and imprint in everything that we do in our activities of daily living that harm the earth and broader environment.
We recommend washing your linen either by hand wash or gentle machine wash with cold water for bright and dark colours, and warm water for whites and neutrals. Avoid hot water to protect your linen against shrinkage and fading of the colour. Linen as a fabric inherently becomes softer with age, wash and use.

The Drying

Linen dries extremely fast and when over dried linen can feel stiff so we do not recommend a dryer even from an environmental perspective. If you must use a dryer, we suggest turning the items inside out, drying on low heat and remove from the dryer whilst still slightly damp and finish with an air dry on the bed, over a stair case railing or shower curtain rod.
The best news is that gravity will be like an iron for the wrinkles. We recommend air drying out of the hot sun to avoid colour fading.
You will love how simple it is to care for your linen and how your organic linen sheets and quilt covers get softer with time, use and correct washing. A truly luxurious fabric that leaves you with an incredibly satisfying feeling when you snuggle in to bed, feel its' soft caress embrace you and you drift off to sleep.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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