Why Choose Sustainable Basics?

Posted on March 12 2018

Why Choose Sustainable Basics?


Clothing is a complex but fascinating part of everyone’s life. When it comes to what we put onto our bodies, we are responsible. How we choose to dress can impact how we feel. Knowing what chemicals and dyes are in our fabrics and on our skin is significant to our own health and wellbeing. Our favourite clothes are the ones that support us to be comfortable and confident in our own skin. They are a form of expression, about how and who we wish to be in the world. But beyond the effect of contributing to our persona, our wardrobe choices reach far beyond our own lives. Through the brands we choose, we are supporting values, ethics and a way of life for all those involved in the journey from Seed to Shelf.


The best wardrobes begin with the right basics. In today's world of conscious consumerism what are basics and what are sustainable basics?


Basics are defined as 'Forming an essential foundation, the starting point, the fundamental'... 'Of, relating to, or forming the base or essence'..


The basics are your wardrobe essentials - timeless elegant simple essential foundation pieces that can be mixed and matched, layered up and down and accessorised to complement your personality and style every day of your life through all seasons without going in and out of fashion.


Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance ~ Coco Chanel

Most of the worlds cotton that is grown and widely used for all of our basics like our everyday t shirts, underwear, pants & tops, is from genetically modified seeds, grown with hazardous synthetic pesticides and made with toxic chemicals & dyes in unfair and unhealthy working conditions. It is an industry that is rife with child labour and disastrous health consequences from grower through to consumer. 


Sustainable basics herald the arrival of a new way of doing things and are basic wardrobe items that are designed to be timeless, made to endure, tell a story, suitable for all seasons and above all made with integrity and respect for the earth and her people. Certified organic and Fairtrade textiles maintain high environmental and ethical practices. Certifications like GOTS and Fairtrade ensure that no toxic chemicals are used in any part of the journey which is positive for the growers, the makers and the wearers, and that no child labour and unfair working conditions are tolerated. 


All Bhumi products are made with Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton and are Fairtrade. All of our products are dyed using water based GOTS approved dyes, which are free from AZO dyes, toxic chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, toxic formaldehyde, toxic aromatic solvents and we do not use any toxic colour fasteners to artificially lock in the colour with chemicals.

Our Top 5 Sustainable Bhumi Basic Wardrobe Picks for Men and Women:



Bhumi Organic Cotton - Womens Sustainable Basics

Flowing Cardigan

Our signature cardigan made from the softest organic cotton jersey weave, is the perfect layering companion and designed to flow in a simple yet elegant way. 

Shelf Bra Camisole

The simple, versatile fitted camisole, with extra support. Adjustable straps and a gentle curving neckline hug the soft organic cotton jersey to your body, making this a perfect basic to accompany you to work, play, or anywhere in between.

Long Sleeve Tee

Enjoy the super soft jersey with round neck and raglan sleeves - an extremely comfortable layering essential.

Straight Leg PJ Pants

Sometimes PJs just need to be comfortable - a stretchy fit, plain cut, easy-wear and easy-care. This is it. With draw strings, made from luxuriously soft organic cotton jersey, you can simply slip these on, and melt into them. Bliss in the basics.


Choose the style that suits your flow - from classic bikini, low rose bikini, midi, midi with leg band and g-string - whatever your preference we have got you covered. 


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Mens Sustainable Basics

The Basic Tee

The classic tee for any occasion. Soft, breathable and strong, our organic cotton jersey is designed to support your skin, your body, and your active lifestyle. 

Long Johns

What we wear close to our skin matters. Featuring an open fly design and coconut shell buttons, our organic cotton jersey long johns are crafted to be breathable, nourishing and perfect for layering.

Jersey PJ Pants

Trendy drawstring waistband full length pants with raw hems and side & back pockets - made from resilient super soft jersey for all day and night.

Hoodie - Mens

The humble hoodie, crafted with the luxurious softness of organic cotton jersey. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, our hoodie features a generous hood, micro fleece interior, wide bands at the wrist and waist, and handy front pockets. An everyday basic that is both strong and comforting.


Choose the style that suits you - from briefs, trunks mid length, trunks and boxers whatever your preference we have got you covered.

"The fashion industry is the second-biggest pollutant of fresh water on the planet. It has such a huge environmental impact and such a big human impact. And it’s just not enough for me anymore that it’s a beautiful item or a beautiful piece. I want to know that it’s not leaving a negative mark. … Fashion is something that touches us every single day. We get dressed every single day. I want to look good and feel good and do good, and that, to me, is luxury.” ~ Emma Watson


At Bhumi we believe the negative effects of conventional cotton farming and what goes on in the textile industry is not acceptable anymore. Everyone involved should be treated fairly with no child labour. We are dedicated to changing the game, redefining luxury and reshaping conventional cotton textile industry practices to provide organic, simple, pure, luxuriously soft and chemical free sustainable basics that complement you, your life, your style and your home. 


About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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