Balance Tip - Weaving Curiosity into your Day

Bhumi Organic Cotton | Balance Tip: Weaving Curiosity into your Day

Look at everything as though you were seeing it for the first or last time; thus is your time on Earth filled with glory.

- Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


From the moment we wake up to the moment we drift towards dreams, we are aware of ourselves and the world around us. There are people, objects, events and thoughts that push and pull our consciousness in different directions.

Our natural tendency is to frame the world around our wants, needs, intentions; but what happens when we shift this frame to something outside of ourselves?


There are stories all around us. The sheets you wake up in, the coffee that fuels your morning, the book that you flip open on your transit to work - all have a journey of many miles, and interaction with many hands prior to meeting with you. Maybe you have a piece of jewellery passed down from your grandmother, or a toy from your childhood, saturated with priceless memories.


Knowing how something came about can add great value to our perception of the object, and influences how we choose to interact with it.


This is why we love sharing every step of the Bhumi Organic Cotton creation process. Putting on a piece of Bhumi basics, or sinking into Sateen sheets, we can feel good that knowing the cotton seeds are certified organic, the farmers, workers and environment are treated with respect, the dyes are free of toxic chemicals, and all packaging is selected to have minimal environmental impact. This understanding brings awareness of how many hands and hours it takes to create an item we see and use every day. It also allows us to know that our choice is having a positive impact on Mother Earth, its people, and our own wellness. We can deepen our understanding of our place in the world, and our ability to make change for the better, by inviting curiosity into our daily experiences. 


What do you know about the journey of the belongings you carry and use each day? How might this affect the way you move, eat, handle and appreciate each object? Moreover, how much do you know about the stories of the people you encounter each day, and how might this shift your perception of them?


Maybe when you next enjoy your daily transit, or visit to your local cafe, bring fresh eyes and a sense of curiosity to how you see the space, objects and people around you. Notice something you’ve never seen before - you might be surprised how little you actually have observed in the past, or discover what it is are naturally drawn towards. Perhaps instead of saying ‘How are you?’ as a habit, ask your barista about the most interesting event of their day so far. Curiosity is contagious - by inviting it into one aspect of your day, even in a small, seemingly insignificant way, we can plant the seed for more child-like wonder in the other areas of our life.


The depth of our daily experience varies greatly, depending on the level of wakefulness  that we bring to each situation. Curiosity is a powerful frame through which we can deepen our awareness of ourselves, discover more joy, and grow understanding of our place in the world. Each moment becomes a unique, and complete experience; instead of craving what is ‘missing’, we realise the vastness of what is here, and what we already have to express thankfulness for. 


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What did you find yourself curious about? Share with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear your discoveries!

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About the Author: Lucy Lawes is Brand Creative at Bhumi and an advocate for mindful living. 

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