6 Tips To Create A Home Sanctuary

6 Tips To Create A Home Sanctuary

How To Make Your House Into A Home Sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary and we at Bhumi are committed to helping you create a toxic free space.


Your home is a place to disconnect from the outside world and rejuvenate your cells to heal and empower. A place to surround yourself with no chemicals, no toxins, and bring the earth inside. You really can create spaces that are thriving and alive with plants, products and materials that have positive healing effects on your body and mind.

It does not matter where you live or the size of the space you live in. What matters is what you put in there that your cells breathe in every moment you are home. What is actually in the products you surround yourself in? And when you know the truth, especially about the amount of toxic chemicals in the textiles in your home, you will start to look for natural alternatives and ways to do things that do not have a detrimental effect on your health.


Here Are Our Top 6 Tips For Creating A Sanctuary:

1. Decorate Your Space

Make your house into a home with things that remind you and reinforce you of the things that you love and are passionate about. This may be art, a light fighting, a sculpture, a picture wall of people or things that inspire you, a vision board of what sets your soul on fire.


2. Bring Nature In

Bring nature inside with indoor plants that will clean and filter the air in your home naturally.


3. Toxic Free Textiles

Surround yourself with textiles that are chemical free in your bedroom.


4. Add A Dimension

Introduce a feature rug to add texture and dimension to your space.


5. Bathroom Sacred Cleanse

Turn your bathroom into a sacred cleansing space.


6. Clean Up With Plant Based Products

Clean your home with toxic free products.


Our mission at Bhumi is to help you when you cross the threshold from the outside world into your home, create a sanctuary of wellness and comfort in an environment free from chemicals and toxins.

All Bhumi products are made from Fairtrade Cotton and adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and dyed using water based GOTS approved dyes, which are free from AZO dyes, toxic chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, toxic formaldehyde, toxic aromatic solvents with no toxic colour fasteners to artificially lock in the colour with chemicals.


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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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