10 Ideas To Celebrate Earth Hour

10 Ideas To Celebrate Earth Hour

10 Ideas To Celebrate Earth Hour

Watch this beautiful video for this years Earth Hour inviting all Australians to stand together and work towards better understanding and appreciating the values of biodiversity and the current critical condition of our home and our planet.


We have put together 10 ideas you can do to help celebrate Earth Hour this year:

  1. Turn off the lights
  2. Go star gazing
  3. Have a candlelight dinner
  4. Plant native trees and plants
  5. Go for a bush walk
  6. Make a resolution to use less plastic
  7. Pick up rubbish in your local park or beach
  8. Don't drive for a day - use public transport, walk or bike to your destination
  9. Just for one day totally disconnect and not use any electrical products at home
  10. Spread the word - tell your friends and ask them to tell theirs - together we have a greater positive impact

What Is Earth Hour?

The World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour is the world’s biggest movement that is a symbolic show of solidarity to protect our planet against climate change.
It is an event held annually to encourage individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off non-essential electric lights for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. This year it falls on 30th March and in Australia the call to action is #Connect2Earth. Being aware means that we can all take actions to protect our biodiversity and nature, it means we can live more sustainably as individuals and in our community, and expect the same of businesses and governments.
Earth Hour has grown to engage more than hundreds of millions of people around the world in more than 7,000 cities and towns across 187 countries and territories to raise awareness for energy consumption and effects on the environment. It is not an energy/carbon reduction exercise, it is a symbolic action to encourage everyone from individuals, businesses and governments around the world to take accountability for their ecological footprint and engage in dialogue and resource exchange that provides real solutions to the environmental challenges globally.

Earth Hour is also about more than just switching off the lights, it is about spending time to connect to Earth and appreciate the beautiful natural world around us.
Are you switching off this year? We are.


About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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