Bhumi means Mother Earth in Sanskrit. Our mission is to be the home for sustainable bedding and clothing that reflect the natural beauty around us and provides the building blocks for greening your life and home.

At Bhumi, everything we offer is designed to comfort, nurture, revive and sustain - to help you turn your home into a blissful sanctuary. All of our products are designed with respect for the Earth and sustainable design and manufacturing practices.

At Bhumi, we invite you to experience the purity and softness of organic cotton. Our range fuses the worlds of certified organic cotton, exquisite sustainable fabrics, fairtrade, contemporary designs and green living.


Why do we use "certified" organic cotton for all our products?

All Bhumi products are certified under the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  The certification ensures Bhumi products are made (from harvest to shelf) without the use of any harmful chemicals, allergens, insecticides, pesticides, toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes, does not use genetically modified seeds and uses less water than regular cotton.

Overall, this results in having the lowest environmental impact, a deep sense of social justice with fair trade practices and also the purest and softest cotton, that is resilient and gentle on the skin.

Bhumi is proud to be part of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Australian Certified Organic (ACO) community.  Learn more at and

Why does Bhumi support Fairtrade?

Bhumi is proud to be certified by Fairtrade Australia. Learn more at




Fairtrade ensures a respect for the social, economic and labour rights of farmers and workers along the entire supply chain. It encourages sustainable farming practices, protects the environment and improves the quality of health and well being for farmers and workers.

Fairtrade enables the funding of community projects - the building of schools, health clinics, the building of wells for access to clean water, and education and training in business and agriculture.

By supporting fairtrade practices, Bhumi ensures a respect for the social and economic rights of the entire supply chain, including the farmers that are behind each product.

Love each other deeply, love the Earth in abundance!