Organic Cotton Mens Underwear

Experience our super soft, breathable, non-toxic, ethically made GOTS certified organic cotton underwear in a variety of styles to suit everyone.



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    Organic Cotton Mens Underwear

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    Experience our super soft, breathable, non-toxic, ethically made GOTS certified organic cotton underwear in a variety of styles to suit everyone.


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    Here at Bhumi, we want to give men the best choice for their underwear. The modern man needs to make conscious choices about all aspects of his appearance, and we want to make that choice more ethical and better for Mother Earth. Read More

    Does Wearing Organic Cotton Underwear Matter for Men?

    Bhumi have always believed that cotton is an excellent choice for clothing, bedding and even bathing – but to make sure the process is kind to the Earth, as well as being fair for farmers and producers, we decided that we would source only Fairtrade, organic cotton to use for our products. This means that whenever you buy your cotton apparel from us, you know that the farmers and factory workers that worked on the production are paid a fair wage, given rights and benefits, and proper training. The organic certification that we are so proud of means that there are no synthetic pesticides in the crops and no toxic dyes are used to create unnatural colours. What does this mean for you? If you choose Bhumi for your underwear, you know that you will be wearing something comfortable, luxuriously soft and breathable, that is hypoallergenic and good for your most intimate areas. Not only that, but you will be helping Mother Earth too.

    What is the History of Men’s Underwear?

    Archaeologists have discovered remains of leather loincloths from 7,000 years ago. These basic undergarments were simply looped around the waist and tucked between the legs. Since then, evidence of loincloths has been found in Ancient Egyptian temples, buried Kings complete with a range of coloured loincloths. The Roman Empire citizens went commando while their slaves wore loincloths.

    In the 13th Century, a new type of undergarment came into being – the ‘braies’. Baggy, calf-length trousers, often made of linen, were worn by kings and commoners.

    During the Renaissance, as men’s clothing, in general, became more flamboyant, the hand flap provided in the braies became a codpiece. Underwear wasn’t really ‘under’ during this period, and there have been rumours that England’s King Henry VIII famously had a large codpiece which he stuffed with dressings to help his syphilis.

    As times and fashions evolved, the codpiece fell out of favour, and the knee-length button flap undergarment became popular. Made from a range of natural materials (mostly cotton, linen or silk) these persisted until 1874 when the ‘jockstrap’ was invented – to protect the cycle ‘jockeys’ on the cobbled streets.

    As the 20th Century continued, innovation and invention was a regular occurrence – not only in technology but also in fashion. In the 1920’s, boxing apparel company Everlast created a lightweight version of its Boxing Shorts – the Boxers that we all know of today. However, in 1935, the briefs, with their Y-shaped opening, were invented. Throughout the rest of the century, men wore either boxers or briefs, and as fashion developed, patterns, colours and even materials shaped the preference of generations.

    With the advent of 1980 came a revolution in men’s underwear. Fashion statements could be made with the correct choice of underwear – boxers for that Levi look, and Jockey briefs for Andy Warhol.

    In the 90s, a new hybrid of the boxer/brief was born – the trunk. With coverage like the boxer and a snug fit like the brief, the trunk is growing into the most popular underwear style for men across the world.

    Bhumi Organic Cotton Underwear for Men

    What shape and fit do you prefer in your underwear? Whether it is a brief, a boxer, a trunks, Bhumi’s range of Fairtrade organic cotton men’s underwear offer fantastic choice. Not only are our underwear the perfect style, they will also fit comfortably, allow air to circulate, and provide you with all-day, hypoallergenic softness.

    • Boxers: front fly, loose-fitting, comfortable – perfect for sleepwear
    • Briefs: classic or sporty, soft, strong, fitted
    • Trunks: fuller fit, longer leg, hugs the body
    • Mid-Length Trunks: shorter leg, snug fit

    All our organic cotton underwear for men is available in a range of naturally dyed colours and patterns – find your perfect fit today!

    At Bhumi, we love providing you with the most luxurious, organic cotton products. From sheets and linen to eco-friendly bedding & bath items. Our products are sourced from fair trade manufacturers that support the environment.

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