Your Clothing Is Your Second Skin

Posted on August 01 2019

Your Clothing Is Your Second Skin

Shared Moments With My Second Skin.

What you put on your skin embraces you. Envelops you. Hugs you. We gravitate to certain colours as it makes us feel something. A sensation. A smell. A memory. We are drawn to how it sits on our skin. The shapes. The forms. The silhouette. These are all sensations and elements intricately woven together that become our second skin. We live in them. We breathe through them. We feel and reflect their energy they hold. We carry the weight that they are woven into. We flow with the fluidity of their movement. When we recognise these elements like skin, we are not constrained by them. They become a part of us.

We are Conscious beings. Beautiful. Ethical. Intuitive. Each on so many levels. And, just like the care we give to our skin, we unearth what we put on to our delicate membrane. We feed our skin love, no toxins, no chemicals. We nurture our skin. We hydrate our skin.
As we move, sleep, breathe in our skin and second skin isn't it nice to know that we practice and embody our goals of self love, love for each other and love for the earth.

To nurture, respect and love our skin is also to nurture, respect, love our Earth and in turn also to nurture, respect and love each other as a wider sense of humankind.

With knowledge about the truth behind the textile industry, the chemical processing, the toxins, the chemically laden waterways, the toxic soils, the child labour, my choices for my layers of skin help shape my world. My choices. My thinking. My intention.

Here are my shared moments:

1. Chi Hen Top

Like a feather this top is supremely soft and falls gracefully not too wide not too fitted. So light it feels like gentle butterfly kisses against my skin. The soothing tones of land and sea ground me to nature as I live, work and operate in my world.


2. Layering Tee

My second skin of comfort as I sleep. Enough weight to know there is a faint whisper against my skin. Enough coverage to keep me both warm and cool as it breathes with me and regulates my temperature.

3. Digital Dove

Like the flight of a dove this top moves with me seamlessly. It falls gracefully and flows where I flow. The deep blue makes me feel like I want to soar. I dance with it. I walk with it. I sit with it. I breathe with it.


4. 100% Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

The only way I know how to say good night and sleep. The only sensation now that soothes me as I let go of the world. The softness against my skin relaxes my cells into a state of rest. The soft sound it makes as I shift soothes me like a lullaby. The gentle weight holds me as I let go.



At Bhumi we want to make a positive impact on our planet and the people on it, by inspiring people to make positive choices.


We are committed to finding a state of balance and beauty on this Earth and encourage dialogue and questions with what we buy and use every day. Bhumi is committed to sustainability and fair trade practices. Bhumi only uses 100% organic certified cotton, as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and all of our products are dyed using water based Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved dyes, which are free from AZO dyes, toxic chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, toxic formaldehyde, toxic aromatic solvents and we do not use any toxic colour fasteners to artificially lock in the colour with chemicals protecting farmers and their families as well as consumers.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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