Why choose "Khadi" Towels when you travel?

Posted on March 12 2019

Why choose

Why choose "Khadi" Towels when you travel?

Sometimes you feel the pull to get out into nature, explore the world and take your wanderlust to new levels. Whether this is a few hours adventure or a few weeks, and be it a hike, camping, an overseas trip, a day trip to the beach or a picnic under a tree, the one thing we recommend you pack and take with you is the Khadi Towel. It is our top pick that will be of comfort to you as you will find you will always be prepared for whatever adventures you decide to take.


What should you look for in a towel to travel with? The three most important things we recommend are:

  1. The towel should be fast to dry
  2. The towel should be lightweight and compact enough to pack and not take up much storage space
  3. The towel should be versatile and function as other products like a sarong


All roads lead to the Khadi Towel.


Bhumi Organic Cotton Khadi Towel


As a fabric, Khadi is soft yet dense with a unique and versatile weave that dries so fast. Our lightweight organic cotton Khadi goes through a process of hand picked cotton that is cleaned, carded to remove any impurities of fibres, spun, woven and dyed all with natural and vegetable based dyes. The result is an exquisite fabric full of texture, made with no toxic chemicals, is fair trade and has a powerful cultural history.

Our Khadi towel range is one of the most beautiful and versatile of our products and it really does make the perfect companion as it dries fast, is lightweight , is compact and is varied in its uses.

Personally, I use the Khadi towel range in a variety of ways and I wish to share them with you so you to can try some tried and tested ideas by me!

  1. I use the Khadi bath towel as a beach towel, a towel to dry off at the pool, a yoga mat, a sarong, a head wrap and as a scarf when on a bush walk.
  2. I use the Khadi hand towel as a hand towel, a placemat, a towel to wrap up fruits and veggies when travelling, and as a tea towel.
  3. I use the Khadi wash cloth as a washcloth, handkerchief instead of tissues or a table paper napkin as there is a strict paper free serviette policy in our picnic basket!


We hope you enjoy your adventures and we hope our travel tips come in handy! We love hearing how you use our Bhumi products so please do share with us on Bhumi Facebook and/or Bhumi Instagram!


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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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