The Pond

Posted on June 15 2016

The Pond


Installation & words by Mary Learmonth of Flower Bird

Sometimes walking in the forest becomes hard. 

Vines and branches cascade from above; falling all around.

Light diminishes.

There may not seem to be a way through. Yet, there is always a clearing. 

Find a clearing.

Sit there: be still by the water.

Listen to frogs call. Listen to their song. There may be an echo.

Be in the clearing. There, by the pond.


The water is still, and deep. Dragonflies come. And small birds. Insects dive, Skittering.

The pond is full of possibility: 

Life all around.

Reflect. Reflect.

Suddenly, unexpected, there is light.

There is light, like a lantern, and a way through.

Gather yourself. Breathe. Stand up. Move on. 

One foot in front of the other.

You walk bravely

The light grows brighter;

Move on. 


For the Bhumi window for the month of June, Flower Bird used:

  • Eucalyptus branches saved from the local council chipper
  • River stones
  • An old footstool of timber from a hard rubbish collection
  • A decorative metal frog from long ago; bought from a roadside stall in the mountains of Bali where frogs croaked, dragonflies hovered and fireflies glowed.
  • A beautiful old blue pottery birdbath given to Flower Bird years ago.
  • A smaller blue bowl handmade of clay from Robe in South Australia, decorated with shell imprints.
  • A metal lantern that usually hangs from a bough in the Flower Bird Studio Garden, given to Flower Bird by a friend.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - The Pond

Bhumi Organic Cotton - The Pond 
About the Author: Mary is the Creative Director and Designer at Flower Bird.

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