Review of Yoga & Activewear - By Darren Cox, Founder of Total Reformation

Posted on January 29 2018

Review of Yoga & Activewear - By Darren Cox, Founder of Total Reformation

Introduction by Vinita - Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton

We have had a surge of interest of the last few months about conscious consumerism in the activewear realm. People want to exercise in products that they feel right about from the story behind the clothes (especially with no child labour or toxic chemicals) to the way the products perform. The Bhumi Soul Space entire collection is made using organic cotton and recycled polyester from PET bottles, old garments and waste fabrics which would have otherwise ended up in landfill. We asked ourselves what we as a company can do to be more innovative in our socially responsible journey and the answer was clear - recycled polyester. As there is great global demand for active wear we wanted to create products that still have the stretch but are having a more positive impact on the planet - so we use plastic bottles, old garments or waste fabrics that are recycled into recycled polyester yarn. 

So we thought we would put our Soul Space range to the test to give you real feedback about how the products hold up in varying types of activity to help decision making easier. We are very excited to share feedback from the incredibly talented Darren Cox on how our products performed in his exercise regime.

Darren Cox - Total Reformation

 Review by Darren Cox - Founder of Total Reformation

Note: This is an unedited review received from Darren Cox.

1. What is your regular training schedule? My training schedule includes something everyday. There is no ‘set routine’ as my body will dictate and tell me what i do for each day. If I’ve slept well, eaten well but most importantly had enough sun exposure then my body is ready for a more demanding workout. If all these are elements are off or hindered then its Myofascial Release for an entire session or a dip in the ocean / cold shower or sunlight session for regeneration. My training times will also vary depending on energy levels and how much sunlight exposure I can get pre and post exercise. Circadian rhythms are essential for sustainable health and exercise.

2. What is your favourite Bhumi item to wear and why? My favourite item is the Core Vest singlet top. I’ve been wearing this non stop for both exercise sessions and casually. It fit my body really well and feels great to move in … plus it looks good also. 

3. Do you feel the fabric is moisture wicking enough for high intensity exercise? I’ve been wearing commercial workout apparel for a while now and did notice a difference at first but now I don’t really notice it much at all. Yes, the commercial apparel (sometimes) is more moisture wicking but I prefer organic cotton on my skin and not synthetic materials. 

4. Do you feel the product moves with you depending on your activity? Yes, once you 'wear the items in’ they move well. Like most new cotton garments, at first they feel little stiff but then loosen. My tank and Tees fit perfectly. The trackies felt a little tight during dynamic leg movements but i would usually wear shorts for this activity anyway. wearing them casually around the house and out and about are great and move well.

5. I love the Core Vest because of the reasons I mentioned earlier but one extra element I love about this top (and all organic cotton) after a swim in salt water, the cotton feels nice on the skin were as other commercial synthetic tops scratch your skin with the dried sea salt.

Core Vest - Bhumi Organic Cotton

Featured above: Core Vest and THE Shorts

6. After sweating in the product and wash and wear how do you feel the fabric has held up? I've noticed a little give in the material but still fits me well. I’ve sweated in them and washed them a few times now and they have help up well. I prefer it when cotton is worn in anyways.

7. Can you briefly describe your exercise intensity and how do the Bhumi products hold up in these activities? My exercise intensity varies depending what I’m doing but some sessions can be very intense. Intense as in large dynamic movements that is demanding on body positions as well as being hot and sweaty. The items have help up well to both. 

8. Would you recommend Bhumi for activewear? Why? Yes, definitely. Main reason is because of the fair trade and 100% organic cotton. Our business is all about sustainable health and educates clients on the importance of toxic free living, this includes what you wear and put on your skin. 

9. What is your favourite pre exercise thing to do and why? Fascial Release with deep thoracic breathing to prepare my body for whats about to come. Our studio has super lovely clients so this release pre exercise is also a good chance to catch up with everyone and talk about how they are going with their health journey. We include this at the beginning of all our classes and private sessions. Clients can ask questions or tell stories and we can offer educational tips on how to improve different elements of their journey.

10. What is your favourite thing to do / wear post activity? Nothing feels better than either a warm shower after a session in winter months and a swim in the ocean in the summer months. After that, a fascial release session is a must. Indah’s After Workout balm is perfect to help release restricted areas.

Darren Cox - Total Reformation

Total Reformation is a premier Holistic Health & Wellbeing Studio founded by Darren Cox in 2014 and located in Brighton, Melbourne. With over sixteen years of experience in the health and fitness industry and a diverse set of qualifications under his belt, Darren wanted to create a place where people could discover their individual path to complete health, a place unlike any in Australia. 

He describes the Total Reformation approach as, “Highly individualised – we work one on one with each client for our complete Health Building Programs to ensure each aspect is catered to their individual needs. Our aim is to return the body to homeostasis – a stable equilibrium within the body. To do this we address every element of a person’s health from exercise, mindset and nutrition to posture, sleep patterns, hydration, sunlight exposure and environmental stressors. It’s all related and no two people are exactly the same.

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