Reduce Reuse Recycle - The Bhumi Packaging Difference

Posted on May 09 2018

Reduce Reuse Recycle - The Bhumi Packaging Difference


According to statistics, in Australia we throw away over 1.9 million tonnes of packaging every year – visually that is enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over. Most of the products we buy comes in some form of packaging and more often than not people immediately throw away the packaging in the bin not realising that this piles up to tonnes tons of toxic waste that will take hundreds of years to break down and is extremely harmful to the environment. Non-recyclable packaging consumes a lot of energy, water and other natural resources to produce in the first place, and then once thrown the packaging waste pollutes our air, water and soil when sent to landfill.


Bhumi aims to practice being environmentally conscious from seed to shelf of the journey of all of our products. We are committed to reducing the packaging landfill crisis by not using plastic at all and using recyclable and reusable techniques that will help reduce pollution to the environment. Sustainable packaging is a key part of our commitment to the environment. In all of the products sent out to our customers we use unbleached brown recycled kraft wrapping paper and natural jute string. Using these biodegradable products that naturally decompose are safer for the environment. The boxes we use are also recycled cardboard and we encourage customers to either reuse the boxes or cut down and place in the recycling bin. 


At a product level, our sheet set and quilt cover sets come in their own beautiful organic cotton bag which can be used as storage for sheets, socks, underwear. And in our Soul Space Activewear range each product comes in its own bag which is made from organic cotton offcuts. These offcuts would otherwise end up in landfill but with this new life as a bag they can be used to store your clothing items, socks, underwear, they even make great storage bags for nuts, fruits and vegetables in the fridge.


At Bhumi we will always adapt and change processes and challenge the status quo by providing products that always benefit the Earth not harm Her or Her people.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Bags From Offcuts 

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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