Our Top 3 Tips In Finding The Perfect Beach Towel

Posted on February 05 2018

Our Top 3 Tips In Finding The Perfect Beach Towel


When you are at the beach, on holiday, poolside or at a picnic you want a beach towel that is going to multi-task for you. A towel multi-tasking you ask? See our top 3 tips in picking the best beach towel for your days in the great outdoors!


Tip Number 1: Look at what the beach towel is made of


100% organic cotton is actually the best beach towel you can own. Why? Because organic cotton without any synthetic blends of polyester or bamboo makes it the most absorbent material around. As a beach towel you need your towel to be able to dry you off a number of times after each swim so you need a beach towel that is high performing. Having a non-absorbent towel is not only annoying as you don't dry off but it is also a magnet for sand to stick to the towel as it remains wet which then ends up in your bag, on your clothes, in your car and all the way home. Going 100% organic cotton in your towel is key so it absorbs the moisture quickly and dries just as quickly so all it needs is a shake to dry and get sand off. And being 100% organic cotton, you can be guaranteed no nasties, no toxic chemicals, no toxic dyes, no genetically modified material, no synthetic blends, no artificial processing and finishing and absolutely no child labour.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Beach Towel

Tip Number 2: Look for 2 Sided Towels


The trick to a top quality beach towel is choosing an organic cotton towel that feels luxurious with one side being a velvety feel and the other side being the organic cotton terry loop side. This creatively engineered design means sand resistance as long as the right side faces on to the sand. Which side faces where? The organic cotton terry loop side that is soft and absorbent should always stay close to your skin, and the velvety luxurious side should be placed face down to the sand. This velvety side is sheared so the short fibres resist the sand from sticking on whether your towel is wet or dry. A gentle shake and the sand just falls off. Ingenious design makes for the perfect sand free holiday.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Beach Towel

Tip Number 3: Go Organic


If you are using a beach towel one would hope you are having some time to relax, unwind, recharge, soak up some natural Vitamin D and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. In so doing, make sure what you put on and in your body is certified organic - the last thing you want to be doing in a state of relaxation is surrounding yourself with toxins. Your towel is the first point of contact after soaking in the sea and what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream in less than 6 seconds. So from your moisturiser, to the coconut oil, to the sunscreen, to your beach towel look for certified organic products that do not harm you, the earth or any of her people.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Beach Towel


Bhumi Organic Cotton only uses the finest organic cotton to create luxurious beach towels with no toxic dyes or chemicals to harm your body. We have created these beautiful beach towels for your comfort with fast drying action as well as being non-toxic and incredibly soft against your skin. 


About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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