Non Plastic Basics This Plastic Free July

Posted on July 06 2019

Non Plastic Basics This Plastic Free July

My 4 Plastic Free Basics Favourites From Bhumi - Vinita (Founder)

The word basic is so beautiful, simple and somewhat overlooked. 'Basic' is defined as 'Forming an essential foundation, the starting point, the fundamental'... For me, knowing I am wearing or sleeping in the essential foundation of nothing toxic, laden with chemicals and no child labour is the most powerful foundation I could dream of. Knowing what is in the clothes you wear and have close to your skin every day is so important. I recently was in the gathering of 5 friends and I challenged them to look at the labels of their clothing. Synthetic, viscose, polyester, rayon and nylon were the words embedded in all of the labels and that too of some well known eco brands. So these words are basically other words for plastic, plastic, plastic and more plastic.


The importance of questioning and asking what the label means is a fascinating learning journey of how plastic is sneakily snuck into pretty much everything we wear and use and knowing how the product became its soft textile state is another learning curve of chemical and toxic processing especially in the case of bamboo.


Sustainable basics are your wardrobe essentials - timeless elegant simple essential foundation pieces that can be mixed and matched, layered up and down and accessorised to complement your personality and style every day of your life through all seasons without going in and out of fashion. Even though in some of our products we use recycled PET bottles for our elastane and recycled content, This Plastic Free July I want to share with you my top pieces that I constantly rotate in my days/weeks/months for organic cotton sustainable basics that are 100% Organic Cotton with no blends of any other materials just beautiful organic cotton.


My Favourite 4 Plastic Free Basics:

1. The Hoodie

My constant companion with fluctuating temperatures is The Hoodie - The humble hoodie, crafted with the luxurious softness of organic cotton jersey. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, our hoodie features a generous hood, micro fleece interior to keep you warm, long sleeves, wide bands at the wrist and waist, and handy front pockets. An everyday basic that is both strong and comforting. And the best thing... 100% Organic Cotton with no plastic embedded anywhere.


2. The Box Tee

My most favourite t-shirt right now is The Box Tee - I love the way this stylish box cut design Tee sits on me and it is amazing on leggings, over pants and even to sleep in! And the best thing... 100% Organic Cotton with no plastic embedded anywhere.


3. The Flowing Cardigan

My most luxuriously feeling lounging around top is The Flowing Cardigan - Made from the softest jersey weave organic cotton and designed to flow in a simple yet elegant and beautiful way, it feels so airy and light on the skin. And the best thing... 100% Organic Cotton with no plastic embedded anywhere.


4. The Karma Dhoti Pant

My most favourite pants in the world right now The Karma Dhoti Pant - A stunning addition to any wardrobe this sheer lightweight fabric effortlessly drapes around your legs it feels like just a whisper on your skin. Supremely soft on the skin and flowing with your every movement, this piece will be one of your favourites trust me! And the best thing... 100% Organic Cotton with no plastic embedded anywhere.


"The fashion industry is the second-biggest pollutant of fresh water on the planet. It has such a huge environmental impact and such a big human impact. And it’s just not enough for me anymore that it’s a beautiful item or a beautiful piece. I want to know that it’s not leaving a negative mark. … Fashion is something that touches us every single day. We get dressed every single day. I want to look good and feel good and do good, and that, to me, is luxury.” ~ Emma Watson


We are dedicated to changing the game, redefining luxury and reshaping conventional cotton textile industry practices to provide organic, simple, pure, luxuriously soft and chemical free sustainable basics that complement you, your life, your style and your home and protect the Earth and Her People. I encourage you to look into your labels and know the ingredients that make up the basics in your wardrobe from the actual textile to the chemical dyes used. Your body is your temple and it deserves to have the purest basics kissing your skin all day long.


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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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