It's Raining Blooms and Blossoms!

Posted on September 12 2016

It's Raining Blooms and Blossoms!


It's Spring! 

It's not Raining Cats and Dogs anymore! 

It's Pouring Blooms and Blossoms in Melbourne!
What a beautiful time of year in our city, with streets and gardens and pathways bursting with new life. Blossoms and blooms for days! Petals floating on a breeze! The air is full of fresh promise. 
This is a time to enjoy, a time to go out and about, and a time to live the new life that is Spring in our Melbourne.
For "It's Pouring Blooms and Blossoms" window for Bhumi, Flower Bird used:
  • Old teapots
  • Straw flowers
  • Natural Jute twine
  • Bamboo
  • Cypress
  • Peppercorn berry
  • Billy buttons
  • Babies breath
Bhumi Organic Cotton - Spring Window Display
Installation & words by Mary Learmonth of Flower Bird
About the Author: Mary is the Creative Director and Designer at Flower Bird.

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