5 Ways To Help With The Road To Recovery From The Bushfires

Posted on January 14 2020

5 Ways To Help With The Road To Recovery From The Bushfires

Incredible Initiatives To Help Rebuild From The Bushfires

It has been so humbling, emotional and heartwarming to read and watch the incredible acts of love and support from around the world for our home, our wildlife and our people.


This will be a long recovery and one I know we will stand united and help every step of the way in whatever ways we can.


Below is a list of some incredible initiatives to help support local communities and businesses as well as the long road to recovery for our wildlife -

We are completely in love with this initiative by @turiapitt and @graciemcb. There have been so many beautiful businesses affected by the bushfires and it's at this time we can band together, spread the word and show our collective love and support. Please spread the word far and wide and help by purchasing from companies in areas that have been affected by the bushfires.


We are in the process of donating women's and men's clothing items to this incredible organisation who are putting together donated items for much needed affected areas. We also recommend if you can to reach out directly and donate any clothing, all help goes a long way at the moment. Thread Together are in desperate need of children's clothing so please do help spread the word and donate today.


We will be donating for the month of January 20% of all sales made Online and In-store to help Wires provide urgent assistance to rescue wildlife and provide safe homes, treatment and drinking water. You can also donate directly to their website to help our beautiful wildlife on this long road of recovery,


4. Travel

Love is so healing and travel is good for the soul. With inspiration from @kindnessfactory with words and inspiration from @adventuringwebers, we love this idea to plan road trips loaded with love, support and compassion to support the local economy of areas affected by the devastating fires. Make 2020 the year to visit all the beautiful towns affected by the fires, this support will truly help the local economy.


5. Donations

There are so many incredible organisations doing so much it is hard to list them all but here are a few more where financial donations will go a long way in the road to recovery:


  1. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - currumbinsanctuary.com.au
  2. Australia Zoo - australiazoo.com.au
  3. WWF Australia - wwf.org.au
  4. Red Cross - redcross.org.au
  5. Animals Australia - animalsaustralia.org
  6. Wild To Free - wild2free.org.au
  7. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital - koalahospital.org.au
  8. Food Bank Australia - foodbank.org.au
  9. BlazeAid - blazeaid.com.au


And, other than donations there are hugely important ways you can help...

  1. Love, hugs, prayers and compassion
  2. Look at your life and ways to reduce your footprint as we are all contributing to the climate crisis. It is crucial we are aware of the facts and the truth and make changes that will have big ripple effects
  3. Support companies and businesses large and small that are working to reduce carbon emissions and engage in more sustainable practices


At Bhumi we are going to take a deeper look into simple ways we can all have positive impacts on the earth and share this with you.

As we strongly believe that knowledge brings power. Power brings choice. And choice brings change. Change for the better. For the Earth and Her People.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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