Gone For Good

Posted on September 01 2019

Gone For Good

Waves Of Change

Recently I came back from the Al Gore Climate Reality Leadership Training my head swimming. I saw visuals that are not shown on mainstream media and heard dialogues from people from all around the world about the choices we are making that are having a direct devastating impact on the earths resources and her people.


There still needs to be a lot more cross over of dialogues with all industries so that we can understand the true impact of the trillion dollar textile / fashion industry and why it is the next biggest polluter to fossil fuels especially given that we all wear and use textiles of some form every single day. I came away questioning everything again. I felt reminded of the turning point in my life that saw the birth of Bhumi. The pivotal moment where I questioned the status quo of the textile industry as I saw the debilitating impacts firsthand.


One resounding message has been beating in my mind and heart as I have tried to sit with these feelings again, is the sense to simplify things on every level of life. Simplify to understand simple ways to help our earth and humanity at large. The key being to not become overwhelmed or overwhelm others.



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Bhumi has over the years tried, tested, expanded so many ranges and product offerings and now like lungs after a deep inhale and exhale we come back to centre, our core, our message, our guiding principles. Simplicity. Elegance. Foundations. Sanctuary. All pointing to the sacred space of home. Your body as well as your physical space you sleep, wind down, restore.


I look at what is going on around the world on both environmental and social humanity issues and I stop to ask - what are we all running towards? what do we really want? what do we really need? what are we doing? and at what cost? Our desire at Bhumi now to be simple is more overwhelming than the desire to be everything and a one stop shop. We cannot and do not want to be everything. I applaud all the amazing individuals and companies who are making waves and using advanced technology and product offerings with the earth and humanity in mind, and may they take the stage to do their thing and do it so well that we see the benefits on the planet unfold before our very eyes. This is a collective movement of change where we all need to play our part and steer the Earth safely.

I believe change is the only thing in our lives that is constant. Unless we realise that things in our lives will ebb and flow all the time, we will never feel completely safe in our existence. We can embrace change and see that endless positive possibilities await us. Changing our needs. Changing our lifestyles. Changing our choices. Changing our ways of doing things. It is time for me and Bhumi to slow dow. To stop. To begin again.



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Over next few months you will see a change in Bhumi, a rebirthing, going back to the core of what Bhumi is, what She represents. Our practices and ethos remain the same of working with organic natural fibres in fair trade factories with advances in solar usage and other emerging technologies that help preserve our natural resources, but our offerings will change.
There is a Gone For Good page where you will have the chance to own the last limited editions in our ranges we will not repeat - we will be discontinuing the Yoga and Activewear range amongst other items over the coming months. I feel a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as we say good-bye to a part of Bhumi, but the joy to make way for the new to emerge in its place is palpable. We will reintroduce a few original styles of Underwear and grow into the spaces of Home in particular Sleep. I am reminded as I turn to nature for inspiration with trees shedding their leaves, animals shedding their skin and feathers, that death and rebirth are simply nature's way of evolving.
So I surrender to this process, letting go of the past with great love and gratitude, and I welcome the new with an open clear mind and heart, ready for the chapters that lie ahead that resonate with the resounding pulse of what the Earth needs - simplicity, consciousness and mindfulness.


A new wave for Bhumi is here - you will see soon the waves of change and what is arriving and what will go. Our offerings will now reflect simplicity, mindfulness, the foundations, restoration for when you come home to your toxic free sanctuary. What touches your skin will embrace a new way of living, breathing and thinking.


Bhumi is and always will be a lifestyle choice that is Conscious. Timeless. Ethical.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” - Arundhati Roy

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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