Announcing Our New "East Meets West" Fusion Range

Posted on May 26 2019

Announcing Our New

Celebration of East Meets West

Our "East Meets West" Fusion range is a celebration. A celebration of the union of two cultures as well as the movement towards ethical fashion being a mainstream offering around the world.
Being born and raised in beautiful Australia, my eastern roots of India have always whispered its influence of who I am. An amalgam of traditional and modern myself, a new goal was to blend my worlds and create unique ensembles that are inherently elegant as well as suitable for both contemporary and traditional moods with the common heartbeat of the welfare of the Earth and Her people.


Each piece has sleek silhouettes, perfected pleats, flowing layers, beautiful angles, traditional artisan block prints and grounding earth tones. Each product has been designed with functionality in mind from a range of lightweight fabrics for freedom of movement where the concept of simplicity and traditional workmanship in the designs create a bridge between the East and the West.


Using the finest raw organic cotton material as the foundation, ecological aspects, transparency and social characteristics constitute the wider aspect of our sustainability vision to provide a major stepping stone towards social mobility, equality and environmental stewardship, breaking down fashion stereotypes and social norms.
We will always strive to offer pieces that delight through the interpretation of rich heritage and traditional knowledge in both realms of East and West, all the while protecting the natural environment and humanity. We hope you enjoy the first release of our East West Fusion Range.


Conscious. Timeless. Ethical. Each on so many levels.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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