Creating 'Hygge' In Your Life With Bhumi Layers

Posted on July 18 2019

Creating 'Hygge' In Your Life With Bhumi Layers

Embrace Hygge With Bhumi And Invite Comfort In

When you are comfortable at home, what is the atmosphere you like to invite in? Is it calm, is it filled with music, is it filled with beautiful silence? In my sanctuary I love to invite in elements that flow through and with me.. It may be sounds - gentle music or the falling rain, through smells - incense or fresh herbs being sautéed on the stove, through touch - different textiles and textures or a warm embrace. I flow, I walk, I dance, I cry, I talk, I sing, I sit, I rest, I eat .. all things to find and be still with me and share with my daughter... And in these moments of embracing a zone of cosy contentment together, we channel 'hygge' to enjoy the simple things in life. 


'Hygge' comes from an Old Norse word, 'hugga' which means to console or comfort. It is also the source of the English word 'hug' and that connection resonates deeply as 'hygge' is all about comfort, warmth and closeness – all the feelings you get from a warm hug. In Denmark it has been known for a long time as a way of life and something I like to bring into my world to disconnect and connect to my surroundings that bring out a greater sense of comfort, connection to self and others, relaxation, connection to nature and simplicity.

My 3 favourite Bhumi ensembles that help create the 'hyggelig' (atmosphere in my home) in my different moods:

1. Reading wrapped up in a Throw and Bodysuit

Reading in my 'hyggekrog' (my cosy reading nook). I wrap myself in a cosy Throw, wear my elven like ever so soft Flowing Cardigan over my Bodysuit that feels like a glove and moves seamlessly with me as I change positions to read.



Featuring - Flowing Cardigan, Bodysuit and Cable Knit Throw


2. Meditating in comfort with Dhoti Pants

To meditate and deep breathe in an unhurried pace is part of the 'hygge' experience. My 'hyggebukser' (my comfy pants for home) are my Dhoti Pants that almost feel like they are not there they are so light and soft with my beautiful flowing feminine Overlap Tee with my warm Fleece Wrap on hand for when the air is a bit cool.



Featuring - Dhoti Pant, Overlap Tee and Fleece Wrap


3. At one with nature with my Star Spirit Leggings

A special part of my 'hygge' experience is with my fur baby enjoying long walks together taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature as we explore. For these moments I cannot live without my Thumbhole Top and another 'hyggebukser' (my comfy pants for walking) my Star Spirit Leggings that are literally like my second skin. I don't like taking them off!



Featuring - Star Spirit Leggings and Thumbhole Top

I see it as a way of life...

And as a Mama, I see it as an important part of my life to be more aware and give more time, attention and awareness to moments with my little girl. Her fast paced world will only get faster, and if I can instil in her the love for and ability to not just be present but to recognise and enjoy the present moment of simple pleasures, my mind will be at ease and my heart content. Together we embrace 'hygge' and love our every simple minute together of love, comfort and hugs...lots and lots of them.


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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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