Celebrating International Yoga Day (21st June 2019)

Posted on June 18 2019

Celebrating International Yoga Day (21st June 2019)

Learn The Basic Blueprint To Explore Further Aspects Of Yoga & Meditation

This International Yoga Day we unpack the basic philosophy of Yoga and take a look at the founding principles of The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Yoga is an ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual practice.


The word ‘yoga’ is Sanskrit and means to join, to unite and yoga is seen as the union of the body and consciousness through chanting, breathing, meditating, or physical movement. Whatever form of yoga you practice, if your intention is to create a union of the body and mind with the true nature of yourself, then you are following the flow and balance of yoga as it is intended.


The postures of yoga, the asanas are a tool of Yoga and seen as a means to get to the ultimate destination of enlightenment.

Yoga means to move towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of the existence, the way it is made.' Sadhguru

There are Eight Limbs of Yoga which form the basic blueprint to explore further aspects of living and embodying the philosophy of yoga :


1. YAMAS - The first limb seen as the moral, ethical, and spiritual guidelines followed to reach balance, health, and well-being, leading to spiritual development. The Yamas consist of non-violence (Ahimsa), truthfulness (Satya), non-stealing (Asteya), sense control (Brahmacharya), and non-coveting (Aparigraha)


2. NIYAMAS - The second limb translated loosely as “laws,” which deal with our internal relationship with ourselves. The niyamas are essential to living a genuine yogic lifestyle and reaching one’s full spiritual potential. The first niyama is Saucha (purity, cleanliness of mind, speech and body), Santosha, (contentment, acceptance, optimism), Tapas (persistence, perseverance, austerity), Svadhyaya (self-study, self-reflection), and Isvara Pranidhana (contemplation of the Divine).


3. ASANA - The third limb is Asana or physical practice. Asana is often mistaken for yoga itself, but in reality, it is just a piece of the larger puzzle. Physical practice, such as attending a yoga class or having an at-home practice, is integral to the journey as it helps steady the mind, creating peace and balance. It’s essential first to recognise that the body and mind are innately connected to make Asana a part of your lifestyle.


4. PRANAYAMA - Pranayama, or life force, is the fourth limb. Pranayama is also known as the breath, as well as the ways through which we control and direct the energy of the breath. Pranayama is vital to living a yogic lifestyle because it fosters peacefulness, relaxation, and aids in meditation.


5. PRATYAHARA - Pratyahara is the fifth limb and refers to disconnection from the senses. Practicing Pratyahara means becoming less affected by external forces which are out of our control. Being able to react, both internally and externally, calmly and peacefully despite the situation.


6. DHARANA - Dharana is the sixth limb and can be understood as “concentration.” Sometimes misunderstood as meditation, Dharana or concentration is the steadying of the mind on one specific point, such as the breath.


7. DHYANA - The seventh limb is Dhyana, which is understood as meditation. Dhyana involves a state of quietness of the mind, with little or no mental interruptions from the outside world.


8. SAMADHI - Samadhi, or transcendence, is the eighth limb of yoga. At this point, pure bliss is achieved and a feeling of Oneness with all living beings is present. It is ultimate peace and joy. Enlightenment. Samadhi is achieved as a natural byproduct of following and practicing the other seven limbs of the eight-fold path.



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A regular yoga practice may be difficult to establish in the daily challenges of life and 'fitting' everything in. But it is okay. The truth of the matter is - wherever you lay down, on the floor, on the bed, on a chair, on your mat this place becomes your space to practice what it is you need to practice. And creating time for you is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.


How beautiful the feeling to find time to stop with you and enjoy your silent company. How wonderful it is to find the quiet within you and listen to your breath. How serene it is to find the peace within you and listen to the song of your heart beat. How incredible it feels to just let go.


We owe it to ourselves to try and dedicate to ourselves time for meditation, mindfulness and asana practice.



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I suggest creating your yoga, meditation and breathing space to have 3 basic uncomplicated fundamentals:
Finding Time, Finding Space, Finding Method... that resonates with you.

1. Finding Time

Ask yourself what works for you? Is it the morning where the world still slumbers or when the sound of the birds start? Is it the evening where you are watched lovingly by the stars and the moon? Whatever it is that works for you be all there. Be honest with you and set realistic goals whether it is once a week, 3 times a week or daily for ten minutes or an hour. Do what you can and when you can and know that that is perfect. Be gentle with yourself..

'Do your practice and all is coming.' ~ Pattabhi Jois

2. Finding Space

Find a space that will allow you to be reborn and renewed and a place where you know you will go to to find rest and calm. Wherever it is, it is about drawing yourself inward and getting closer to the beat and rhythm of your heart. Is it at home?Is it a class? Is it outside? Bring an object with you that inspires you - the object may be from nature, give you energy, calm you, release you. You may choose just to have you and your mat. It is all beautiful as it is an extension of you and what makes you happy, what brings you peace, what allows you to unwind.

'Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.' - Joseph Campbell

3. Finding Method

Finding method in the madness is a wonderful exercise to tap into YOU and listen to your intuition, to your heart, to your body.

Start with quiet. Honour your surroundings. Give thanks and gratitude.

Set an intention. Breathe. Deeply. Get oxygen flowing through your body and to all areas. Send the breath and your energy to areas of hurt physical or emotional. Sit here and just breathe. Deeply.

Learn to listen to what your body is saying or needing as every day it will be different. Move at your own pace, flow with your body, and try to develop an intuition about what poses you want and need to do. Take a look at you. Is it movement you need? Is it opening of areas that you feel are blocked? Is it your breath? Is it your mind? Choose what you need to do for and with love.

Be mindful of your body and vulnerable areas of injury and do not force or push anything. And most of all be present. Be aware of physical sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise and be with them. Allow them to manifest, don't fight them. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and creative with no judgements, barriers or competition. Move in all directions. Flow with your body, mind and soul. Yoga is a journey, a process, an awakening, an expansion. Embrace it. Live it. Feel it. Experience it. Love it.




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Wishing you peace on your journey this International Yoga Day.

'Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.' - The Bhagavad Gita

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