NEW Bhumi Experiential Store Opens

Posted on November 20 2019

NEW Bhumi Experiential Store Opens

Bhumi Store Opens @ Burwood Brickworks

We are very excited to launch our new experiential store in the 'World's Most Sustainable Shopping Centre' at Burwood Bricks. This incredible space is truly unique and part of the Living Building Challenge.
The 1 megawatt rooftop solar panel system will provide 40% of the centres needs, recycled bricks are used on all feature walls, recycled plywood form an incredible feature on the travelator stairwell, all wood used and brought in is to be strictly FSC certified, recycled or up-cycled, shoppers will park their cars in rows separated by fruit trees, there will be a fully-functioning urban farm and rooftop restaurant, there is a stunning ceiling art painted by Wurundjeri, Dja Dja warring and Ngurai illum wurrung artist Mandy Nicholson which tells the tale of the forming of the Yarra River, there are many structural windows that can be opened to maximise light and fresh air flow and a carpark that conceals large storage tanks that collect all water runoff from the site all part of a "closed loop" system for treatment and reuse within the centre.

These incredible sustainability initiatives are at one with our own goal at Bhumi so we are thrilled to be a part of this new wave of change in the retail scene. If together we share the same passions of making positive impacts on this beautiful planet we all call home, greater waves of change will take place.



We believe experiential stores are the future. While a store has been viewed as a place for transactions, we believe retail stores need to transform to offer experiences to customers rather than just the product.


At Bhumi we love dialogue and interactions of the heart. We hope to be able to offer you tactile, sensory, engaging and educational in-store experiences with a local community that breathes the sustainability ethos as a way of life.


At Bhumi we are very passionate about education and awareness of what is going on around the world that affects the Earth and Her People. We have deep gratitude for all the champions who put their life and soul into fighting for our planet and we look forward to in 2020 showcasing some exciting workshops and events to create a wider dialogue and awareness of global issues and incredible people and initiatives.


We strongly believe that knowledge brings power. Power brings choice. Choice brings change. Change for the better – for the Earth and for Her people.



Our Concept Store is no longer open due to COVID-19.

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About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance

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