What is your sleep type?

Posted on March 29 2016

What is your sleep type?


Discover which organic cotton type best suits your sleep personality. 


Sleeping is both an art and a science. In fact, the latter has shown that sleep heals, repairs and detoxifies your body, as well as helping to build energy for the body and mind.


The art of sleep lies in the sanctuary of the bedroom. As well as eliminating any nighttime distractions such as light and technology, it helps to know what kind of sleeper you are. Are you hot at night and kick the sheets off? Are you always cold and need that extra layer of comfort? Regardless, the answer always lies in the fabric. 


The good news is that there are four main types of certified organic cotton. Sateen for the ever-constant silky, smooth sensation; percale for that cool, crisp, crunchy feeling; jersey for the cosy cocoon; and, lastly, flannel for the ultimate warmth.


The key is working out which one's right for you in delivering the ultimate sleep experience ...


Bhumi Organic Cotton - What is your sleep type?


 A silky and soft fabric, sateen is often described as buttery silk because of how smooth it feels on the skin. It's known for its wrinkle-resisting qualities, so it's very easy to care for and, better still, it maintains your temperature in any season. Sateen threads are woven tightly together vertically, creating a smooth, soft and silky texture.

Choose sateen if you:

• Want something for all seasons

• Like that luxurious silky, soft feeling

• Prefer fabric that's easy to care for and wrinkle resistant

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Sateen

Featured - Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set


This is a soft, crisp fabric that's perfect for hot sleepers, as it's cool and crunchy against the skin. It's a closely woven 'plain weave', meaning it's firm with no sheen or gloss. Percale is known to wrinkle a little, but once washed and on the bed, a very light spray of water and hand combing will change that.


Choose percale if you:

• Feel hot or sweat at night

• Struggle to sleep on those warm, balmy summer nights

• Love the feel of fresh, crunchy, cool and crisp sheets

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Percale

Featured - Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set


Think of your favourite T–shirt that’s soft, comforting and slightly stretchy. Well, that's what jersey feels like. It's also a knit fabric, so it drapes easily and is very easy to maintain.


Choose jersey if you:

• Want a soft, comforting cocoon to sleep in

• Like the sound of sleeping in your favourite T-shirt

• Need a slightly warmer temperature to sleep

• Are after something for the cooler autumn and winter evenings

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Jersey

Featured - Organic Cotton Jersey Sheet Set


Flannel is a soft, warm and cosy fabric to sleep in. It's perfect for chilly nights and great for maintaining a warm temperature for your body. It's a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric that's brushed on both sides to raise the fibres, creating a soft, warm and fuzzy surface.


Choose flannel if you:

• Like that warm and fuzzy feeling flannel exudes

• Consistently feel cold (almost freezing!) at night

• Are looking something to see you through very cold winter nights

Bhumi Organic Cotton - Flannel

Featured - Organic Cotton Flannel Sheet Set


The key is to always look for certification when it comes to buying organic cotton products. This certification ensures that it's produced without the use of any harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides, doesn't use genetically modified seeds, or any toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes. In other words, it's better for you and better for the planet.


What is your inner sheet? Which sheet is the right one for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - What is your sleep type?

About the Author: Vinita is the Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton and passionate about an Earth Life Balance.

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