In Focus: Natasha - Nourish Melbourne

Posted on February 14 2016

In Focus: Natasha - Nourish Melbourne

Born and bred in Melbourne, Natasha Mason is the Founder and Director of Nourish Melbourne – a carefully curated online destination that informs, inspires and educates Melbourne residents on where to find all things nourishing for their bodies. In May 2014 Nourish Melbourne launched the ‘Nourish Melbourne Membership’, a VIP holistic health and wellness Membership like no other, for health conscious and health interested Melburnians alike.

Natasha is a health science graduate and marketing and communications professional who has now come to combine her two loves through Nourish Melbourne. Natasha’s aim is to spread the word of local businesses doing outstanding things in the health and wellness spaces, in order to build wellness knowledge, evoke health inspiration and ultimately, create a healthier Melbourne.

What is Nourish Melbourne?

Nourish Melbourne is a carefully curated resource, bringing together the best of Melbourne’s natural, organic and holistic health businesses, to inspire and educate Melbourne residents on where to find all things nourishing for their bodies. Nourish Melbourne, together with the help of this local community of nourishing businesses aim to inspire Nourish Melbourne Members, and all followers, towards better health, not just right now, but for life.

Nourish Melbourne is home to Melbourne’s first, and only dedicated VIP holistic health Membership. The Nourish Melbourne Membership enables Members to save each and every time they eat out at Melbourne’s most nourishing cafes and restaurants, shop at organic grocer’s and health food stores as well as when they access Melbourne’s best natural/alternative health therapies, fitness services, organic beauty and home products, Nourish Melbourne events, and more.

Nourish Melbourne’s events have come to stand in their own stead. You’ll find at least one event scheduled per month, on a range of health and wellness topics, such as gut health, mindfulness, women’s health to fun, hands on activities such as tea blending! The ultimate goal is that for those who attend these events can learn in a friendly environment, be empowered, and become nourished.

Natasha - Nourish Melbourne

Quote I love and live by …

“Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”.

-  Lao Tzu

About the Author: Natasha is the Founder & Director of Nourish Melbourne; introduction provided by Vinita.

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