Love and all its' Expressions

Posted on February 07 2016

Love and all its' Expressions


We have inherited this beautiful planet from our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors. They have taught us to love and nurture the earth, the oceans, each other and ourselves. And now, it is on our hands to tap into the love that is woven into every part of nature and perform a great act of love, to leave the earth a better place for our future generations.


We are so grateful to be working with Flower Bird Designs to create expressions of love for the earth on window installations of flowers, foliage, natural and recycled materials, as well as collaborative projects and occasions all of which embrace sustainability as a practice.


This month, with Valentines Day, Mary from Flower Birds describes her installation ‘The Purity of Love’. It is composed of Everlasting or Straw Flowers, Babies Breath, Recycled bridal ribbon, Dried vine, Wire, Pebbles, Sand and Shells.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Love


On Valentines Day we often think about Love. We are reminded of the importance of Love and we realise again that:  Love is what matters. Just Love. The rest follows. We take our first breath of air. Airy and light as Babies Breath flowers. Like a fresh new breeze, love nurtures the baby. Suspended from delicate yet strong recycled bridal ribbon are sprigs of white Babies Breath also known as Gypsophila, often shortened to Gyp. Pure love, for new life. Gyp or (white) Babies Breath is native to Australia and is found growing in and is native to several other countries as well, for example Turkey. Love is diverse, and knows no bounds.


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Flowers


The suspended white daisy-like Everlasting flowers are also sometimes known as Straw Flowers. Papery and strong blooms upon stems that bend. White was also chosen for purity to reflect the purity of love. Everlasting/Straw Flowers are also Australian Native flowers, blooming upon the dry plains, bushland and wide expanses of our land. Love endures.


The Valentine heart was made from wild vine, as love can truly be a wild, exhilarating journey!


Bhumi Organic Cotton - Love


Love is the thread that binds. A thread that is translucent and transparent like the light sheer ribbon as Love is transparent. Love is honest. A life lived of and through love is a good life.


At the very last, we return to enrich the earth that has loved and nurtured us. Pure love is Everlasting, and Solid, Writ in Stone. Stone in the form of Pebbles. Stone that changes form and rolls with the incoming and outgoing tides of life. Transforming and realigning. But remaining, at least until every speck of sand on earth trickles away.


Such is Love. Pure. Nurturing. Enduring. Exhilarating. Wild. Diverse. Bending. Strengthening. Delicate. Enriching. Everlasting. Solid. Transformative. Creative. Ever-changing.


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About the Author: Mary is the Creative Director and Designer at Flower Bird; introduction provided by Vinita Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton.

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