The benefit of living authentically

Posted on October 02 2015

The benefit of living authentically

With each passing day people are stepping into themselves in bolder & brighter ways! Stepping into unrealized power, living our truth – these are phrases we may often hear when we hear of living each moment as our authentic self. But how can we begin (or remember to keep our false ego in check)? Perhaps more importantly, why does it matter, and what are the benefits?

Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective and author of Life & Love states, “You can be soft and successful, a traditionalist and a rebel, a lover and a fighter, vulnerable and invincible.” Demonstrating authenticity in each moment is living in awareness and acceptance of all of life’s dualities - knowing that it is okay to encompass both.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - The Benefits of Living Authentically

Image Source: Gregory Colbert. Ashes and Snow

Our intention when speaking of authentic living should not be to make everyone like every single thing that we do. In fact, when we are living authentically, we have removed the excess – the complexities. At its core, the idea of being present and authentic should not be based from our ‘looking glass self.’ That is to say, our view of ourselves should not come from the observations, qualities and characteristics, of how others perceive us or how we believe others see us. How we see ourselves, rather, should come from who we really are.

The point at which we allow our authentic self to shine is the point in which we learn, and it is an opportunity in which there is a potential to be a positive example, inspiring others to grow as well.

Bhumi Organic Cotton - 7 Questions for Reflection

Image Source: Gregory Colbert. Ashes and Snow

Authenticity is about the power of self-inquiry, presence, and exploration. Authenticity demands that we follow our highest truths, the things that resonate most deeply within each of us. Below are seven questions written for reflection:

Q1. What does authenticity look like to you for you?

Q2. Recall a time you’ve expressed yourself most authentically. What were you doing? How did you feel?

Q3. What, if anything, blocks your authentic expression?

Q4. Authenticity is a way of being “in the moment.”  What do you find most challenging about being “fully present”?

Q5. What tools/practices aid you in being authentic?

Q6. How might you facilitate another’s authentic self-expression?

Q7. Takeaway: What is one thing you’ll do this week to encourage your full presence and authenticity in each moment?

A dear friend stated, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is about not necessarily ‘doing’ anything but realising that in our very ‘being’ we can and do weave our own magic and create the change we wish to see. When we are ready to live from our heart of hearts, we begin to give up the need for validation and start freeing ourselves of the constraints placed on us by others. This means we may need to terminate agreements (both tangible and intangible) that are no longer serving us (or that never served us). The benefit? We are building our character; we are determining who we want to be and we are being.

It may not please. It may not work immediately. It may seem wacky to others, but this is the call of living purposefully, authentically, and joyfully.

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About the Author: Ameena is a model, writer, and gen-y change-maker – happily part of the Bhumi Organic Cotton family.

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