Potential of a shared experience

Posted on August 11 2015

Potential of a shared experience

We are in a unique position to strengthen our sense of connection with each other by sharing our elevated awareness and experience(s) through various social media platforms; the knowledge in our own lives, in our own words can be positivity impactful at a global scale. A previous posting spoke of biophilia which has been described as a ‘love of life’ and as ‘the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life,’ which I feel can also be found in virtual communities.

With the commitment to and belief in mindful living, authenticity and social responsibility, I wanted to take the initiative to spark discussions, share experiences and encourage mindful living both in our online and real-world communities.

Image Source: Gregory Colbert. Ashes and Snow

Each of us can inspire another to rise above our circumstances. It is my intention that we each take the insights of each day and from each other and turn them into positive action and progressive change tomorrow.

What does a positive and supportive community look like to you? How do you feel we can transpose positive, authentic experiences in real-world communities through our virtual communities and/or vice versa?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

About the Author: Ameena is a model, writer, and gen-y change-maker – happily part of the Bhumi Organic Cotton family.

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