In Focus: Lucy Yu

Posted on April 18 2016

In Focus: Lucy Yu

Creating artwork helps me make sense of the world.

Drawing is what I find most intuitive and pure as a form of expression. I love that feeling of making the first mark on fresh white paper, and how even the simplest line drawing can connect individual minds, and translate so much emotion.

Whatever medium I am working with, it is my utmost wish to remind people of the beautiful, intricate sensations in life; to seek and find the hidden details usually missed.

Because these little moments of connection are truly precious.

Lucy Yu

I grew up around lots of animals, reruns of Sailor Moon, playing hide-and-seek amongst trees and always drawing. After studying Film and Art History at the University of Auckland, I moved to Wellington for freelance artwork and portraiture commissions (as well as excellent coffee), before getting married, taking a whirlwind honeymoon around Europe, and taking the leap over to Melbourne in 2013.

There's a swallow tattooed on my right shoulder, and I guess I’m a bit like them, constantly flitting around, discovering new things about art, food, nature. I’m super fond of dappled morning light, clouds, the smell of freshly ground coffee, soft peony petals and avocado anything.

My workspace has light beams, lush greenery, soft colours and usually scented with a hint of refreshing citrus or warming chai spice in winter. I try to keep my creative space as welcoming as possible for mindfulness and new ideas!

My advice for anyone in the creative space is to be humble. Let go of ideals - they are the biggest barrier to progress, because they keep you rigid, and in fear of failing. It doesn’t matter how small a step you begin with - the most important thing is that you start creating something, each day or every opportunity you have.

Lucy Yu

About the Author: Lucy Yu is a Creative Artist based out of Melbourne


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